Crushworthy cards & prints.

Paper Crush offers luxurious and lovely greetings, stationary and correspondence using vintage letterpress materials and techniques.

Paper Crush prints each design using our beloved Vandercook Universal 1 press. Printed on 100% cotton Crane's Lettra paper, our prints offer an extraordinary look and feel that you'll adore.


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View our exclusive collection of hand-printed letterpress cards, prints and invitations. Choose from custom birth announcements, wedding invitation suites, letterpress greeting cards and wood-type printed letterpress posters.


the letterpress difference

Each print is a true labor of love with a difference you can see and feel. Seriously, you should feel these prints!  The centuries old process of letterpress yields a product that just can't be replicated with modern printers.


The Maker

"Letterpress printing requires patience, practice and a little improvisation. There's nothing Quite like the feel of letterpress."

-Jeanne Allardyce,
FOUNDer, Paper Crush Letterpress

After years of printing personal stationary, wedding invitations, custom cards, posters and more, I'm excited to bring my love of letterpress to Connecticut and work with you to create luxurious greetings that will leave a lasting impression.