we've got a crush on letterpress

Paper Crush is a luxury letterpress stationary brand based in Stamford, Connecticut that’s owned and operated by Jeanne Allardyce. Launched in 2018, Paper Crush is dedicated to creating luxurious and lovely greetings using vintage letterpress techniques.

Paper Crush prints each design using a vintage Vandercook press — one of less than 3,500 Vandercook presses still in existence. Printed on 100% cotton Crane's Lettra paper, Paper Crush prints offer an extraordinary look and feel that you'll adore.


Paper Crush is the realization of my decade-long love affair with paper, color and design. With a background in printmaking, architecture and graphic design, and a career as an advertising creative, I’ve always had a love of the printed form. And when I discovered letterpress, I was smitten.

In 2005, I started studying the art of letterpress in a quest to design and print my own wedding invitations. Since then, I’ve printed thousands of pieces of personal stationary, wedding invitations, custom cards and more. In 2017, I took the leap and invested in a 1961 Vandercook Universal 1 press and brought my knowledge and love of letterpress to Connecticut. One of a handful of letterpress printers in the state, I am committed to growing appreciation for the craft. And with every print, I make sure my love and commitment to the craft shines through.


Each print is a true labor of love with a difference you can see and feel. Seriously, you should feel these prints!  The centuries old process of letterpress yields a product that just can't be replicated with modern printers. Curious to see how it's done?