The Letterpress Process

A Labor of Love

The letterpress printing process hasn't changed much over the years. It's an intricate process that requires patience, practice and a little improvisation. But the proof is in the print. I love the unmistakable look and feel of letterpress, and I think you will too.

Each card, poster and invitation printed by Paper Crush Press starts out as the tiny glimmer of an idea. After many sketches, and lots of coffee, I turn my illustrations into photopolymer plates, or use vintage wood or lead type — set by hand — to bring that little idea to life. Whether photopolymer, lead or wood, I utilize a precise combination of paper, ink, pressure and typography, turning out beautiful impressions on my vintage 1961 Vandercook Universal 1 Letterpress. Each notecard, print and poster is made to order and printed by hand, one at a time. Due to the handmade nature of the cards, please allow additional processing time.


Only the Best Materials

Paper Crush Press prints on Crane's Lettra paper — a paper made especially for the craft of letterpress printing. This 100% cotton paper is soft and luxurious to the touch and its extra bulky finish makes it perfect for producing the crisp, deep impressions letterpress is know for. We use Van Son rubber-based letterpress inks for rich, beautiful color that lasts.


Sustainable Practices

Paper Crush strives for sustainability. We recycle all paper scraps and reuse materials in our studio whenever possible. These practices not only cut our own costs but help protect our planet.